In our role as a mobile marketing agency, we are committed to maximizing your users' lifetime value and leveling up their engagement.


Combining unique technology and creative thinking, Thing or Two provides strategic data-driven user acquisition solutions. In our role as a mobile marketing agency, we are committed to maximizing your users' lifetime value and leveling up their engagement.

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Amit Raviv // Head of Creative Dep.

During my twelve years in production, I have witnessed various digital content revolutions, particularly in the advertising industry. In the past decade, quick, viral content and rapid variations in fashion have revolutionized how people consume media. Having lived through this transformation, I can say that the YouTube revolution has produced a massive shift in what people want to watch, shaking the advertising and production industries to their core. Due to the widespread availability of DSLR cameras and editing software, I’ve watched the rapid advancement of DIY media. Subsequently, smartphones increased the potential for content production, allowing anybody with a smartphone, and thus a camera, to become a content creator. And finally, its accessibility provided a way for important people to amass enormous internet followings and disseminate their messages globally.

User-generated content (UGC) is now the trendiest, most effective, and most efficient strategy in the field of digital advertising due mostly to the direct effect of technological advancement on content production and the pace with which it is progressing.

First of all, what is UGC?

UGC, or user-generated content, refers to any sort of content that people create and share for free, as opposed to content that companies or organizations create and share for profit. This category contains remarks, suggestions, criticisms, media files, and social media posts. In our case, UGC is using simple ads made by users and promoted on social media as if they were regular ads. They look completely real. Let’s examine some of the most important benefits of UGC, particularly video, for businesses and marketers.

UGC is credible, genuine, and authentic.

People are more likely to rely on user-generated content, particularly video than on traditional advertising because it appears more authentic and trustworthy. Due to the lack of inherent promotion, users are more likely to take the advice of other users than that of paid speakers. This is essential at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware and skeptical of traditional marketing and advertising.

UGC increases conversions (the data proves it!)

The AI revolution is real and it is already happening. We take it very seriously here at Thing or Two and we analyze daily how we can integrate more tools to optimize our work and improve the service we provide to our clients. You are always welcome to talk and consult with us 🙂 Consumers have a tremendous deal of faith in user-generated content, making it an excellent conversion driver. It feels genuine, up close, and personal. User-generated content feels more like a recommendation than an advertisement for a company attempting to sell you a product. Common user-generated material has been demonstrated to boost sales by 6.9%. People are more likely to purchase a product or service when they observe others using and appreciating it. The video medium succeeds in this aspect since it demonstrates the product in action and provides the audience with a feeling of how it could be utilized in their own lives.

User-generated content (UGC) can be substituted for costly ads.

In 2023, user-generated content may be less expensive than traditional types of advertising, which is another reason for its significance, particularly for video. The benefits of developing and marketing user-generated content are enormous, despite the effort required. By utilizing UGC, businesses may engage with their target audience in a way that is more organic and authentic than is possible with paid advertising.

Where do I post user-generated content and what do I post?

Almost all marketing techniques, including social media, websites, and email campaigns, can incorporate user-generated content. For this reason, it is such a great tool for firms that wish to interact with their target market via any of the accessible channels.

What other advantages does the UGC offer?

User-generated content (UGC) provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to create content that can be reused and enhanced. For example, a company may use an Instagram video created by a user showcasing their product as a post on their own Instagram account or even as paid advertising. In this manner, businesses can save time and money on content creation while still reaching a large, engaged audience.

But what makes videos more captivating?

Videos are superior to other material formats in terms of their capacity to engage and retain viewers for extended periods (increasing the engagement rate).

Videos can reach a larger audience through referral and sharing networks since they are easier to share than other forms of content.

This is why we’ve chosen to concentrate our efforts on user-generated content and video advertisements and spent the last year building an in-house team of foreign producers with a wider talent network. Using UGC video advertising, we have been able to optimize the UGC process by evaluating each campaign. Let’s discuss your best plan of action and determine it together!

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